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Sedation Dentistry

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We will always choose the most conservative treatment options available to your child, and we seek to use non-invasive procedures whenever possible. However, there are times when your child may need to be sedated to care for them properly. Ultimately, their safety and comfort are our utmost concern.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Laughing gas is the common term for Nitrous Oxide, a safe and mild method used during dental procedures. Your child will be awake and responsive throughout the procedure, in a more relaxed state. Many times they can watch a movie of choice overhead while the procedure is being done.

Because this type of dentistry is short-lived with a gentle effect, it is often used for children. Nitrous oxide puts patients at ease to remain relaxed during dental procedures allowing the anxious child a more pleasant dental

Oral Sedation

Oral conscious sedation (OCS) is a safe, effective, and non-invasive method to help increase cooperation and reduce anxiety and discomfort/pain associated with dental treatment. Various medications can be used to sedate a child and are selected based on your child’s age, overall health, level of anxiety, and dental treatment recommendations.

Once the medications have been administered orally, it may take up to an 45 minutes before your child shows signs of sedation and is ready for dental treatment. In addition to the oral medication, nitrous oxide gas will be used in conjunction to help achieve an ideal level of sedation. Most children become relaxed and drowsy and may drift into a light sleep from which they can be aroused easily. Unlike general anesthesia, sedation is not intended to make a patient unconscious or unresponsive. Some children may not experience relaxation but an opposite reaction such as agitation or crying. This response to the medication may prevent us from completing the dental procedures.

Intravenous "IV" Sedation

Most dental procedures in children can be completed using local anesthesia. However, very young, fearful or uncooperative children can require sedation. Depending upon your child’s health history, temperament, age and dental care needs, we can decide what type of sedation that is best for your child. For patient’s requiring deep sedation Dr. Gabe has partnered with Dr. Matt Castele of  Ambulatory Anesthesia Associates to provide the best care for your child.

There are several steps required before this appointment that we will go over with you at your consultation appointment. Your child will be cared for by a board certified anesthesiologist throughout the entire procedure. Safety will be the number one priority in every aspect of your child’s care.